Robot Waiting Film Released 16th Oct, 2019

Jonathan Irwin's hotly anticipated film is now being shown. As well as directing, all the cute metal character design work, CG builds and compositing was done by Jonathan. Shot in London, the film is meant to be a warm look at the future potential of our technological friends to be: The ROB 9000, who is waiting for his family to return. "By focusing on the robot’s self-awareness, loneliness and dog-like love of his owners, I wanted create a beautiful poem that makes people feel total sympathy for this humble hunk of metal".

Indy Hait directs Lola Marsh Multiplication mayhem 29th Jul, 2019

As featured on Shots, Indy’s idea was to shoot a music video with a ghosting effect and multiplication in-camera, without using any VFX. Shooting on 16mm, Indy took inspiration from 1970’s photography and the famous dance scene from Pulp Fiction as his starting point. The aim was to get the band to give a natural performance, whilst 7 dancers were carefully choreographed with a slight delay. “When I explained the video to the band, they were incredibly excited about it, which made trying to nail each shot on precious 16mm quite a challenge on the day!”.

Wolfberg make Fluvius Energy look easy 17th Jun, 2019

Wolfberg make energy look simple for this brand building film for the newly formed Fluvius Energy Company. The aim of the campaign is to show how effortlessly Fluvius brings electricity and gas to the consumer, even when it looks so complicated and difficult. Wolfberg approached the project with the aim of getting everything in camera, so that there’s no element created in CG. Planning was crucial so accurate pre-viz’s were used to choreograph these incredible shots. Great job guys! Agency was BBDO.

Outsider Feature film project by Matt Westrup 1st May, 2019

Matt Westrup is back with another feature film project: OUTSIDER, which he wrote and directed, as well as doing all the character design and VFX. It is based loosely on the Minotaur myth - taking a creature that was recognisable and already firmly imbedded in the public consciousness and then giving it a different spin. For Matt it was important to have the Minotaur portrayed as a noble sympathetic character and have its design reflect that. That meant getting away from a classic ferocious half-man, half-bull. The story is based around a lost tribe of primitives living in a perfectly preserved area of forest, who cast out one of their number for heresy. The 'Outsider' character then eventually stumbles into this domain and discovers that deforestation soon endangers its people. The live action plates had a UK forest doubling as British Columbia, which Matt generated and then composited the titular creature and other elements like the vehicles. The labyrinth, butterfly and aerial shots were all created as CGI.

The secret lives of fruit by Jan Elsner 5th Mar, 2019

The Marmalade's Jan Elsner has created a fun little fantasy film showing what the secret lives of fruit might look like. Created entirely in CG without any key frames, Jan envisaged what creature characteristics fruit might have, when we're not looking. Would you still eat them?  

Long Way Home by Reuben Sutherland 21st Jan, 2019

Reuben has directed this road trip music video with a difference featuring beautifully designed collage photography and multi layered postcard effects of the band performing. Shot in Nevada, its a nod to the amazing collage style artworks of John Stezaker combining unrelated photographic elements and compositions. Early in the early location research, it was clear that there were many stunning landscapes that Reuben could shoot and combine with his penchant for design and heightened reality FX.

​New signing Damien’s rear view warming for Fiat 16th Nov, 2018

Building a men's toilet set was one of the highlights for our director/cinematographer Damien. The Heated Seats film continues the comedic approach for the campaign, which was shot around Los Angeles as well as the Paramount Studios backlot. And the highlight was that the stunt woman was the lead stunt stand-in on Wonder Woman: landing perfectly on 6 inch heels 25 times for the Softop film in the campaign! Who needs Gal Gadot anymore...

Jonathan Irwin packs more in for Original Source 22nd Oct, 2018

Combining kinetic motion, quick camera moves, VFX and some rapid hyper mood styling, this dynamic and graphic rich campaign for Original Source marks a return to TV advertising for the brand. Bringing to life their #packmorein brand positioning, the ad is a nod to snapchat and instagram filters, simple editing techniques, internet memes and FX loops. Jonathan also did all the VFX work in-house at Joyrider. With the lovely agency folk at Iris London. 

Sojiro & Eri make Loctite perfect! 24th Sep, 2018

Sojiro & Eri agree with Loctite - its perfect! Their funky new campaign aimed to show the underlying idea of how the new Loctite range is super flexible, as well as water and heat resistant. But to show it with the Japanese philosophy of Kintsugi, which is all about embracing the flawed or the imperfect. So instead of throwing broken objects away, their pieces are mended back together. The creative concept was all about showing this in a really quirky Japanese Shinjuku style, embracing imperfection. The result is a crazy and cool campaign that really stands out!

Jan Forys directs 3M commercial 10th Jul, 2018

The brief from the start for Jan and the team was to focus on authenticity in terms of the industrial work space feeling like the kind of steelworks that 3M customers tend to operate out of. Trawling locations across Europe, they found one but the challenge was to shoot there. Shooting with DP Michal Dabal, they went for the look of lush anamorphic lenses, with Steadicam to achieve a cinematic look within a real and dirty industrial space.

Spotify fun by S&E 11th May, 2018

Our remarkable directing team Sojiro & Eri have created a super cool new ad for Spotify Japan. Using various interesting in-camera and CG tools, the aim is to show that our imagination is powerful enough to make anything happen, even inside a library that only has blue books. Creative was in-house at Spotify.

One of the best joins Joyrider 28th Mar, 2018

One of the best tabletop collectives has joined Joyrider for representation and we are delighted! The Marmalade are a unique bunch of super talented guys who have their own high spec studio and post facilities under one roof. Internationally acclaimed, their work includes beautiful food, liquid and product work all with a very natural human touch.

Period drama for Staropramen by Wolfberg 5th Feb, 2018

Wolfberg have created some period drama pieces for Staropramen Beer. The concept revolves around communicating the historical aspect of the neighbourhood where Staropramen comes from. This is the Smichov district of Prague, which had a rather unsavoury past until recent years. Production design was the major challenge as the historical part of Smichov does not exist, so half of the scenes were recreated for real with digital set extensions - all based on archived photography. The end result is an epic action-packed depiction of the history of the Brewery.

Nestle sweets act out film genres in a miniature world 24th Nov, 2017

Reuben Sutherland has directed a campaign for Nestle that sees four of the sweets act out stereotypical film genres, all inside miniature sets. All the sweets were re-created for real by a food modelling specialist in Paris to create oversized sweets that would stay in shape under the lights. They were then all shot with a real miniature sofa and props. Creating the ambient light and flickering of the light from the TV was the challenge as it needed to feel real. Luckily Reuben is a dab hand at realistic lighting on his wee set. Agency was JWT London. 

Wolfberg go chasing Buffalo 4th Oct, 2017

Wolfberg shoot campaign for the Hunky Dorys brand and McCann. Featuring a magnificent Buffalo, the ad was shot at night with some rather interesting production challenges in Prague. Enduring the cold, eight intrepid women on roller-skates chased through the dry ice and the neon lit city with a sci-fi atmosphere. Interestingly, the Buffalo girls are all European championship performance roller skaters! 

Indy Hait gets all snappy with Suzuki Ignis 13th Jul, 2017

Indy Hait directs this hip little Suzuki Ignis ad. Not only did he direct it but he actually shot it too. As a talented cinematographer Indy managed to show off the playful and colourful nature of the car. The ad also features some snazzy VFX to highlight the size and scale of the car and to show off its dexterity for city driving.