What goes in… Vitalis Water by Pedro 11th Aug, 2017

Pedro Pinto directs this film capturing Paralympic athletes giving their mind, body and soul to training for their races. As Pedro says "I really wanted to convey the spirit and determination of each of these athletes. A true inspiration from how they overcome their limitations". After the crew shot rapidly over 2 days and 2 nights, Pedro had to complete a swift turnaround edit for the client. Agency was Havas.

Indy Hait gets all snappy with Suzuki Ignis 13th Jul, 2017

Indy Hait directs this hip little Suzuki Ignis ad. Not only did he direct it but he actually shot it too. As a talented cinematographer Indy managed to show off the playful and colourful nature of the car. The ad also features some snazzy VFX to highlight the size and scale of the car and to show off its dexterity for city driving.

Love Ford, Sune’s way 1st Jun, 2017

Sune has just directed this amusing campaign for Ford going out across Europe. Portraying the concept that sometimes we show a little too much love for your car was central to Sune's direction. After some very careful and amusing casting sessions to find a lead that could look like a "sweet ADHD mass murderer" and scarcely enough time to shoot it, the result really hits the mark. A couple of sisters were used for some intuitive actor advantages too. Hats off to Sune getting the goofiness and tone in such a short schedule!

Wolfberg keep it all together for Agenda 28th Apr, 2017

The aim of the concept was to create a visual metaphor to explain the benefits of Agenda's human resources software. Wolfberg were brought on board as they love to create in camera spectacles, so everything was shot on location using some carefully choreographed action that could be composited with various plates. Carefully mixing and overlaying to check all the action worked beautifully to tell the story. Compositing and final post by Sehsucht and amazingly the VFX supervisor never lost his marbles!

Whiskey a go-go with Gal Muggia 24th Mar, 2017

Gal Muggia has completed a visual spectacle for a campaign for Glenlivet Whiskey. Challenged with re-creating a Speyside whiskey cellar, the whole set was built from scratch for the shoot. Creating the background whiskey making imitators was the main challenge for the synchronicity achieved. Sy Tunball lensed the film, with some tricky VFX work from the gang at Absolute Post.

Stopframe and claymation from Juan Zaramello 16th Feb, 2017

Juan Zaramella joins Joyrider bringing some beautifully crafted stop frame work and claymation. Juan is currently finishing up a new TV series that brings to life everyday objects and giving them a unique personality. Having studied animation and design, Juan loves character design work and it shows in his award winning work. If only we all had his patience in single frame shooting!

Dos Equis Beer Campaign by Vittorio Sacco 16th Jan, 2017

Vittorio Sacco has completed a new campaign for Dos Equis Beer across the range. The beautiful macro photography of the beer as well as the bottles and cans was all achieved in-camera, using Vittorio's incredible eye and knack for getting the liquid to perform perfectly with the light. Using some custom made borescope lenses and millisecond accurate rigs, the camera feels much closer to the liquid then on normal macro lenses. The Italian strikes again with his beautiful artistic touches. Agency was Havas US.

Sune wins an Epica Award 21st Nov, 2016

Sune Sorensen has won at Epica for his Labels campaign for Fair Welcome. Agency was Mindshare Denmark. The award was given for Sune's approach to dealing with issues around discrimination and prejudices. Clearly a bigger social issue for 2016's shocking changes.

Gal & Vania’s Coldplay video nominated for 2 MTV Awards 29th Jul, 2016

Gal and Vania's Coldplay video has been shortlisted and nominated at the 2016 MTV MV Awards for Best Direction and Best Visual Effects! Fingers crossed that their video will win both categories. There's pretty stiff competition from some up and coming artists called David Bowie, Beyonce and Adele and Tame Impala so its a tense wait to see what will happen in New York...

Cinematic Journeys With Ida’s New Campaign 30th Jun, 2016

Ida Cuellar’s rich photographic journey through time was to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the main Spanish Railway Renfe. Utilising anamorphic lenses and some hypnotic editing, the film is an ode to travelling through the dreams and thoughts we all have. 

"This commercial was all about time and the journeys of life, all whilst traveling on a train,” says Ida. “The agency creatives had an overall idea but they weren’t sure of the scenes, so I had free rein.” The editing was intended to feel like a single movement through the scenes. Ida's editing background certainly helped in developing the apparent mesmerising framework. Magical cinematography by Jose Luis Bernal.

Gal Muggia and Vania Heymann direct wondrous new Coldplay video 17th May, 2016

Coldplay's new video "Up&Up" is a spectacular and wondrous journey directed by Gal Muggia and Vania Heymann. It's a phantasmagoric trip through the unrealistic coming together to fill parallel possibilities. Its filled with cruise liners in the bath, manta rays flying above water, cars circling Saturn's rings and volcanoes spewing popcorn. It also shows the band members as giants walking among the landscapes.

Deluxe direct Smart Car campaign 24th Mar, 2016

Deluxe have directed a slick Smart Car campaign for Jung von Matt. The shoot took place over four days in Shanghai. A big challenge was locking down some very busy streets at the right time of the day. The other challenge for Stéphane was to avoid eating way too much good Chinese food! Post by MPC.

Gal Muggia loves the circus with Waves NX campaign 15th Feb, 2016

Gal Muggia has just finished up a TV and online campaign for Waves Music Software. Shot within a complex rig and stunt set, the production designer had to build a laundrette with various wires and pulleys that could work seamlessly around the cast. A very hardworking actor was hung on a portable crane, built specially for circus stunts. Gal added "After I tried the crane for 5 minutes, I had serious pains from the harness and our lead had to stay on it for nearly 2 days whilst lip-syncing and playing on 4 different instruments". The rig set up was a special crane built for circus stunts, operated by a team... from the circus!

Peugeot Fractal directed by Deluxe 6th Dec, 2015

Deluxe have directed a new Peugeot Fractal Campaign, featuring the new electric coupé with ground breaking automative acoustics. The campaign focuses on the wealth of sensory exploration. The signature sound system was created by Amon Tobin, which plays when the doors are opened by the smartwatch remote system. Working closely with Peugeot’s design team the production experimented with the Kinect camera, processing in 3D with various filters to create the various wireframe shots.

This campaign plays out in twenty countries. Mathematic France created the VFX.

Mitsubishi Idents by Matt Westrup 7th Oct, 2015

Matt Westrup has conceived and directed the latest campaign of idents for Mitsubishi. Combining motion control and clever design work, the finished idents continue the theme of visual trickery through precise camera movement within the set that the car lives in. VFX and an enormous amount of pre-viz work completed by Smoke & Mirrors.

Indy Hait directs new Music Messenger spot 9th Jul, 2015

Joyrider’s sensational directing talent, Indy Hait, has recently completed a stunning new commercial for Music Messenger, a brand new social music service. It was all shot in just one shooting day in Tel Aviv. Because of the tight shooting schedule, Indy did a CG pre-visualisation for almost every scene, which allowed everyone to hit the ground running once on set.

The aim of the commercial was to avoid the pitfalls of the stereotypical app commercial, i.e. a series of screenshots and product demos - instead Music Messenger wanted to sell the lifestyle behind the app, a modern, urban, socially connected lifestyle.

An interesting fact; The commercial’s opening scene on the train was shot in just 40 minutes, during a limited time-period in which the active train was stopped in a railway siding. The whole supporting set had to be built and dismantled within this 40 minute time frame!